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  • Package Update
     Feb 7, 2018

    Package Update

    We had a beer with our Brand Manager to talk about why our packaging changed and what sort of cool things you can expect to see from it. What sparked the change for the rebrand? The rebrand of our packaging came from the need to speak and show more clearly who 10 Barrel is. The old design with the barrel had great shelf presence, […]

    Hella Big Air 2017
     Mar 27, 2017

    Hella Big Air 2017

    Now on tap: Big Air & Cold Beer! The 2017 Hella Big Air went down at Mt. Bachelor this last weekend, where an 85 foot rocket launcher was ready for 40 riders and skiers to unleash their bag of tricks for a shot at a piece of the 30K prize purse. The day got off to a sunny start… but seeing […]

    10 Questions: Shawn Kelso
     Feb 17, 2017

    10 Questions: Shawn Kelso

    10 Questions with Boise Brewmaster Shawn Kelso 1.) Favorite Non 10 Barrel Beer: All Day IPA by Founders Brewing 2.) Favorite City: Boise… Duh. 3.) Childhood Hero: Yogi Bear 4.) Do you make your bed: Nope. 5.) Favorite Color: Khaki or grey. Something boring. 6.) Most recent favorite accomplishment: Getting my Dry Hopped Pilsner chosen […]

    Sneak peek at new space in Bend
     Jan 26, 2017

    Sneak peek at new space in Bend

    If you’ve driven down Northeast 18th St. in Bend the last few months you might have noticed a pretty large structure going up next to the brewery… Well guess what?! It’s our new packaging facility! Jimmy took a crew on a tour a few days ago to show us some of the new toys we’ll have […]

    Whitney goes to Europe!
     Oct 25, 2016

    Whitney goes to Europe!

    A couple weeks back our Portland Brewmaster, Whitney Burnside headed to Munich to be a judge in the European Beer Star competition. It has long been one of the most important beer competitions in the world! Any brewery in the world can take part: breweries with local, regional, interregional and international operations are eligible, not only […]

    10 Barrel goes Gold at GABF!
     Oct 12, 2016

    10 Barrel goes Gold at GABF!

    SHAWN KELSO’S P2P TAKES A GOLD AT GABF. Once a year hundreds of breweries gather to Denver, Colorado for the Great American Beer Festival. GABF represents the largest collection of U.S. beer ever served in a public tasting event. GABF was founded in 1982 and has been expanding with the craft brewing industry ever since. Last […]



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