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We’re stoked to finally have released our canned cocktails which have been selling like hot cakes and distribution is super limited.

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Golf Tea Banner
10 Barrel Golf Tea

Golf Tea

Golf Tea is a combination of our house-made lemonade, hand selected iced tea, and vodka. A perfect beverage for hitting the links. Crack this open for a better game!

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Ranch Water Banner
10 Barrel Ranch Water

Ranch Water

Enjoy this Ranch Water with house-made sparkling mineral water, fresh lime, a touch of agave, and tequila.

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Mai Tai 12oz Can by 10 Barrel Brewing Company, Bend, OR since 2006

Mai Tai

This refreshing Mai Tai is a blend of orange, lime, and pineapple juices mixed perfectly with coconut and light rum.

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Blood Orange Vodka Soda

This vodka soda is mixed using our premium craft spirits; a blood orange vodka, married with our pure cascade water to create a refreshing cocktail with a citrus kick.

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Lemongrass Lime Vodka Soda

This clean refreshing cocktail is mixed with our premium craft spirits; a lemongrass-lime vodka combined with our pure water from the Cascades. It's hard to beat this one.

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Bloody Mary with real Vodka by 10 Barrel Brewing Company, Bend, OR since 2006

Bloody Mary

We have created the perfect Bloody Mary! It contains 12 different ingredients including vodka and is based on an old family recipe that has been fined tuned over generations. Freshly canned for your convenience to take anywhere!

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Greyhound with real Vodka by 10 Barrel Brewing Company, Bend, OR since 2006

Grey Hound

We created a refreshing Greyhound by perfectly blending grapefruit juice, sparkling water and vodka. Canned for your convenience to take anywhere, and recommended to enjoy outside paired with fresh air and sunshine.

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Moscow Mule with real Vodka by 10 Barrel Brewing Company, Bend, OR since 2006

Moscow Mule

We partnered with Oregon Spirit Distillers to craft a delicious Moscow Mule. We started with our house spicy ginger beer, added a perfect balance of fresh lime juice and vodka. Freshly canned for your convenience to take anywhere!

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Classic Margarita

To craft this ready-to-drink Margarita we used fresh Tequila from Mexico. This classic marg is fresh, tangy, and just sweet enough. It really is the ultimate warm-weather cocktail in a can. Enjoy!

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Hard Cider



Refreshed and ready... This hard cider blends crisp apples from the Northwest with pomegranate juice to create an inviting fruit flavor that perfectly complements the bright apple character you know and love. The result is balanced and refreshing with maximum drinkability.

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Hard Seltzer


Clean Line Variety

Clean Line was inspired by that feeling of blasting through waist deep powder, dropping into a glassy wave, or being the first one on the trail after a summer rain. It's brewed to complement those days outside that you just can't forget; fresh, clean and satisfying. Enjoy some after getting some... because when it's good, it's good.

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