10 Questions: Shawn Kelso

10 Questions with Boise Brewmaster Shawn Kelso

1.) Favorite Non 10 Barrel Beer:

All Day IPA by Founders Brewing

2.) Favorite City:

Boise… Duh.

3.) Childhood Hero:

Yogi Bear

4.) Do you make your bed:


5.) Favorite Color:

Khaki or grey. Something boring.

6.) Most recent favorite accomplishment:

Getting my Dry Hopped Pilsner chosen for our Summer Seasonal this year.

7.) When you’re not drinking beer you’re drinking:

Añejo Tequila

8.) How many different beers have you brewed for 10 Barrel:

More than Whitney Burnside for sure. Probably 300 or so.

9.) What’s one thing people wouldn’t expect about you:

I made my own wedding cake. It was a three tiered lemon cake with lemon curd filling.

10.) Perfect burger:

Jalapeños and sharp cheddar.


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