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Year Round

Our flagship brands available all year

Apocalypse IPA - 10 Barrel Brewing Company
Apocalypse IPA 12oz Can

Apocalypse IPA

Apocalypse is made for those of us that go big and then celebrate with a cold beer. You know who you are; pushing your limits every day and living life to the fullest. Our Brewer's did the same thing when creating this beer using 4.8 lbs of hops per barrel... Go big or go home!

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Joe IPA - 10 Barrel Brewing Company
Joe IPA 12oz Can


Would you take a pow day over 8 hours in a cubicle? Busy climbing your local crag over the corporate ladder? These are the priorities and balance in life that was the inspiration in creating Joe, a bright citrusy hop forward IPA created for those looking to get after it. Yeah, Joe’s made with only the most choice hops. (Simcoe, Amarillo, and Mosaic to be exact.)

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Mountain Tops

Trail Beer

Like any good adventure, Trail Beer started on a whim. What beer would be the perfect outdoor sipper? This one. Piney, citrusy, and tropical hops combine with a sure-footed malt bill, making this beer as crisp as an alpine lake and as refreshing as the mountain air. Go find your trail!

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Cucumber Crush

Brewed to appeal to any palate or virgins of the sour craze, this award winning beer is light, crisp, and refreshing. Made for you to crush anywhere, anytime - the time is now, #crushlife.

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Raspberry Crush

Brewed to appeal to any palate or virgins of the sour craze, this award winning beer is light, crisp, and refreshing. Made for you to crush anywhere, anytime - the time is now, #crushlife.

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Pub Beer

This craft lager in a can proves that ideas you come up with at 1:00am in the morning can happen. Served in a 12oz can... requests for a glass will be denied.

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Double Mosaic Double IPA - Double IPA Series - 10 Barrel Brewing Company, Bend, OR since 2006
Double Mosaic Double IPA 22oz

Double Mosaic

The only thing better than a single hop Mosaic IPA is a Double Mosaic IPA! Citrus and Pine dominate in aroma and flavor. Enough of a malt profile to support the huge hop load. Enjoy this one, we are!

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Sinistor Black Ale

This beer has been around almost as long as the brewery. Don’t be fooled by the name, this dark beer is light bodied and smooth with hints of chocolate and coffee. With a "ask for it by name" cult following its very unique and a must try.

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Limited release beers. Get them while you can!

Goggle Tan IRA – 10 Barrel Brewing Company
Goggle Tan IRA 12oz

2018 Spring Seasonal

Goggle Tan

While equally a sign of dedication and negligence, the almighty Goggle Tan is the mark of a true ski hill hero. When the brutal winds of winter have passed and you’re left with a few months of sun to carve spring corduroy and tailgate in the parking lots of your local resort, this is the perfect IRA to have in your cooler. With an assertive hop taste, medium malt body, and hints of apricot and caramel, this IRA will have you missing spring skiing long after the snow has melted. But your badge of honor, the Goggle Tan lives on. Wear it proudly!

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Pray for Snow Winter Ale by 10 Barrel Brewing Company, Bend, OR since 2006
Pray For Snow Winter Ale 12oz

2017 Winter Seasonal

Pray for Snow

This season 10 Barrel and Protect Our Winters are teaming up to make sure that your prayers for deep days and faceshots are heard. 1% of the Pray for Snow profits go to P.O.W. and keeping our winters white. Enjoy!

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Small Tank

Extremely limited beers from our R&D brewhouse.

Whitney Burnside - Portland Brewmaster - 10 Barrel Brewing Company, Bend, Oregon since 2006

Barreled Series - Pub Only Release


Aged in Merlot barrels for a year and a half along with the Roeselare lambic culture blend, this beautifully tart and complex beer displays aromas of dried fruits,rich caramel, velvety red wine, and hints of chocolate.

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16 Barrels Barrel Aged Double Golden Ale - Barreled Series - 10 Barrel Brewing Company, Bend, Oregon since 2006

Barreled Series

16 Barrels

This mind blowing liquid started as a Double Golden Ale and was then aged in pinot barrels, 16 of them to be exact.

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2017 Jamaican Me Pumpkin (Barreled Series)

Barreled Series

Jamaican Me Pumpkin

After barrel aging for a full year, it turned out so good that we decided to continue the aging an additional year in the bottle. Over 24 months in the cellar, this is aged to perfection.

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Femme De La Rouge - Fancy Beer Series from 10 Barrel Brewing Company, Bend, Oregon since 2006
Femme De La Rouge - Belgian Style Wild Sour Ale with Cherries


Femme De La Rouge

Inspired by old school Belgian Sours, this new brew took Jimmy over three years to age to perfection. Using two types of wild yeasts, this concoction will take your senses on a wild trip through earth and time.

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