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Our flagship brands available all year

Apocalypse IPA
Apocalypse IPA 12oz Can

Apocalypse IPA

Apocalypse is made for those of us that go big and then celebrate with a cold beer. You know who you are; pushing your limits every day and living life to the fullest. Our brewers did the same thing when creating this beer using 4.8 lbs of hops per barrel... Go big or go home!

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Nature Calls Mountain IPA

Nature Calls

Mountain IPA? It's the merger of two prominent IPA styles: a West Coast IPA and an East Coast Hazy IPA. Delivering a smooth profile that consists of mango, tangerine, and grapefruit, we've mixed the tropical fruitiness of a hazy with the piney, juicy, citrus of a traditional IPA. This Mountain IPA was brewed for hitting the outdoors because nothing beats this combo when you're chilling around the fire.

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Profuse Juice 12oz Can

Profuse Juice

We might have over juiced this one. The focus of this addicting Hazy IPA was to bring out all the tropical juicy hop flavors we could while keeping the bitterness in check and balanced. Huge whirlpool additions and multiple Dry Hopping did the trick. It drinks just like fruit juice... but better.

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All Ways Down

Bursting with juicy, hop-forward flavor, this Double IPA is brewed for those who know there's never a wrong time to send it. Featuring Simcoe, Azacca, and Mosaic Cryo hops, this trifecta is a full-on assault of hop flavor and aroma. It's smooth drinking with bright citrus waves on a crisp, hoppy backbone. Originally developed in collaboration with the Rome Snowboards crew from the Green Mountain State, this DIPA has evolved for any season and all ways down.

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Pilsner 12oz Can by 10 Barrel Brewing Company


This is a classic German-Style Pilsner brewed the traditional way to enhance complexity. We used Noble hops to give it authentic character you expect from a Pilsner. Made with tradition and exceptional quality in mind. Let’s Rip!

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Pub Beer 12oz Can

Pub Beer

Organic inspiration. Unfiltered expression. A true lager. Pub Beer is for everyone, it's a lager for the do-ers. Floral hops are present with a slight spice and pear character. Pub Beer is light and crisp with high carbonation and a minor creamy mouthfeel.

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Hazy Trail Juicy IPA by 10 Barrel Brewing Company, Bend, OR since 2006
Hazy Trail Juicy IPA by 10 Barrel Brewing Company, Bend, OR since 2006

Hazy Trail

Ready for the perfect Juicy IPA? Hazy Trail is ready for you too, with a soft malt profile, low IBU, and a huge hop profile, it drinks just like fruit juice. It wants to travel, see new things, and have epic adventures with you and your friends. Make sure to show us where you take your Hazy Trail! Your photo might even end up on a can.

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Guava Crush Guava Sour by 10 Barrel Brewing Company, Bend, OR since 2006

Guava Crush

We love guava and if you do as well, this beer is for you! We packed pink guava flavor and aroma into our tart Berliner Weisse base. Like all our Crush series, this beer is fruit focused and made for the sour beer lover, #DrinkCrush.

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Cucumber Crush

Brewed to appeal to any palate or virgins of the sour craze, this award winning beer is light, crisp, and refreshing. Made for you to crush anywhere, anytime - the time is now, #crushlife.

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Raspberry Crush

Brewed to appeal to any palate or virgins of the sour craze, this award winning beer is light, crisp, and refreshing. Made for you to crush anywhere, anytime - the time is now, #drinkcrush.

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Limited Release

Available for a limited time. Get them while you can!


Pray For Pow

This is not your ordinary American Stout. In fact, this recipe has taken home 4 golds, 3 silvers, and 4 bronze medals throughout the years. This storm-inspired recipe hits you with dark chocolate, coffee, citrus, and berry notes to make some deep turns on your palate - the perfect big warmer after a day waist deep in pow. Enjoy this same award-winning beer with a fresh new look.

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Mix Packs

What's better than 1 beer? 4 Beers!


Action Pack'd

Are you ready for the weekend? Spending time on the river, summiting a mountain, or hitting the coast for the next swell? This box is pack'd full of our favorite IPAs for getting after it! Crack a Paddle Captain on the banks, open a Nature Calls after a few miles kicking dirt and close out a session in the water with Profuse Juice. Action Pack'd is brewed for adventure and ready when you are.

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19_Crush_Variety_Pack (2)

Crush Variety

Crush is brewed as a refreshing and highly drinkable sour ale, best enjoyed outside for any occasion. We've added two new flavors, Lemon and Apricot for you sour fanatics looking for something special. Kick back, crack open and #DrinkCrush.

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Hop Project

We love brewing IPA's and this variety pack is the easiest way to try some of our personal favorites from the brewery. In this newest release of Hop Project you can find Apocalypse IPA, Profuse Juice Hazy IPA, Hazy Trail Juicy IPA, and Travel Agent New Zealand IPA.

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