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Introducing Hopburst

New look with amplified hops!.



We took our West Coast IPA and loaded up the hops at the end of the brewing process for massive flavor and enhanced aromatics. This technique locks in notes of pine and citrus and leaves you with a bright golden appearance and medium body. It’s impossible to miss this recipe's herbal, grapefruit, and stone fruit aromas. A flagship staple of the HopBurst lineup, this classic will keep you coming back for more.

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take dos

All Ways Down

A Double IPA bursting with hops! This recipe began as a specialty brew with our friends at Rome Snowboards, inspired by the many Double IPAs found in their home state of Vermont. A fan-favorite from the start, this recipe brings citrus, cannabis and pine flavors with sweet aromas of pineapple and mango. Watch out for that higher ABV, this Double packs a punch!

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Juicy Drama

Juicy Drama

Juicy Drama is our zesty, fruit forward take on Double IPA. Massive amounts of Bravo and Simcoe hops added to the whirlpool result in a dramatic burst of citrus and pine hops flavor, while keeping a mild and balanced bitterness. The addition of Yuzu zest to the fermenter creates an explosion of aroma that will keep you coming back for more of this surprisingly easy drinking powerhouse IPA!


Cloud Mentality

We took our Hazy IPA and loaded up the hops at the end of the brewing process for massive flavor and enhanced aromatics. This technique traps all the juicy, tropical flavors while maintaining a balanced taste and keeping the bitterness in check. In the end, we got a sweet stone fruit finish with citrus and tropical fruit aromas. At first glance and taste, you’ll keep coming back for more.

Camp Vibes (Poler Collab) Can

Camp Vibes

Camp Vibes, or a state of overwhelming joy, relaxation, and enlightenment, is a term coined by Poler; the original #CAMPVIBES purveyors and creators of fine camping goods. We teamed up with Poler to create a Golden Ale with a hint of fresh lemon; perfect for when you're posted up by the campfire or hanging on the river with your crew. Camp Vibes are always attainable... Just reach for the cooler.

Nature Calls Mountain IPA

Nature Calls

Mountain IPA? It's the merger of two prominent IPA styles: a West Coast IPA and an East Coast Hazy IPA. Delivering a smooth profile that consists of mango, tangerine, and grapefruit, we've mixed the tropical fruitiness of a hazy with the piney, juicy, citrus of a traditional IPA. This Mountain IPA was brewed for hitting the outdoors because nothing beats this combo when you're chilling around the fire.

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Profuse Juice 12oz Can

Profuse Juice

We might have over juiced this one. The focus of this addicting Hazy IPA was to bring out all the tropical juicy hop flavors we could while keeping the bitterness in check and balanced. Huge whirlpool additions and multiple Dry Hopping did the trick. It drinks just like fruit juice... but better.


Sinistor Black

Don’t be fooled by the name, this dark beer is light-bodied and smooth with hints of chocolate and coffee. We use special German de-husked black malt that is free of astringency, giving this beer a rich black color and an unexpectedly mellow taste. With a cult following in our hometown, this unique brew is a must-try.

Pilsner 12oz Can by 10 Barrel Brewing Company


This is a classic German-Style Pilsner brewed the traditional way to enhance complexity. We used Noble hops to give it authentic character you expect from a Pilsner. Made with tradition and exceptional quality in mind. Let’s Rip!

N/A IPA 12oz Can


Hops, malt, yeast, and water give this hoppy thirst quencher all the usual boldness and flavor of your favorite IPA. Enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Guava Crush Guava Sour by 10 Barrel Brewing Company, Bend, OR since 2006

Guava Crush

We love guava and if you do as well, this beer is for you! We packed pink guava flavor and aroma into our tart Berliner Weisse base. Like all our Crush series, this beer is fruit focused and made for the sour beer lover, #DrinkCrush.


Cucumber Crush

Brewed to appeal to any palate or virgins of the sour craze, this award winning beer is light, crisp, and refreshing. Made for you to crush anywhere, anytime - the time is now, #crushlife.


Raspberry Crush

Brewed to appeal to any palate or virgins of the sour craze, this award winning beer is light, crisp, and refreshing. Made for you to crush anywhere, anytime - the time is now, #drinkcrush.

Mix Packs

What's better than 1 beer? 4 Beers!

Hopburst VP

HopBurst Variety

We've loaded this box to the brim with four of your all-time favorite IPAs that are all bursting with hops. This is the ultimate Drink Beer Outside pack, designed to take your outdoor adventures to the next level. Whether you just got done: Ripping single track, getting face shots in the backcountry, summiting a peak, or slaying river hogs, there's a HopBurst IPA for each and every occasion!

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19_Crush_Variety_Pack (2)

Crush Variety

Crush is brewed as a refreshing and highly drinkable sour ale, best enjoyed outside for any occasion. We've added two new flavors, Lemon and Apricot for you sour fanatics looking for something special. Kick back, crack open and #DrinkCrush.


Beer Box: The Classics

When you’ve been brewing as long as we have, you’re bound to create some fan favorites. Over the years, some of our staples have come and gone, but fear not, our latest variety pack is bringing back some pub icons. Reintroducing Sinistor Black, Joe IPA, Oregon Brown, and O.G. Wheat. Drink in nostalgia… outside of course.