Shawn Kelso

Jan 25, 2021

Shawn Kelso (AKA Big Daddy) came on board in 2012 after 11+ years at Barley Browns as their head brewer. He was our brewmaster in the Boise pub from 2012 to 2020, cranking out some of the most delicious beers you will ever taste. He made the move out to Bend in 2020 to continue pushing our innovation even farther! We are stoked to have him here at HQ. If you ask him why he became a brewer he’ll tell you it’s his calling in life to make remarkable beer. And we believe him! The guy has won over 60 medals after all and is responsible for many of your favorite 10 Barrel brews. Shawn says he especially enjoyed brewing in Boise because of the access to all the amazing local ingredients, including hops. Boy does Kelso like his hops! When you try one of his beers it will most likely be the first thing you notice. The wonderful hop presence and most likely a high ABV. He’s a great guy that makes great beer.

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