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Fun Facts

Between film projects, appearing on the cover of multiple magazines, like Bike Mag and travelling for competition, Carson Storch is among the few who have risen to the top ranks of pro freeride mountain bikers.

Storch is a standout competitor on the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour known for his style and spins on a bike. Deeply engrained into the sport at its roots in the contest scene, hosting events and his fan base boosting 100,000 organic followers and growing.

Born and raised the beautiful little mountain town of Bend, Oregon, his family and friends are meshed together creating a solid base. Bend is as unique as it gets and is a breeding ground for Professional Athletes, he was bound in this environment to strive to be the best. His start on a bike came at a young age on a BMX bike and soon after racing motocross. Riding his mountain bike for fun between sports the age of 10 and eventually specializing in mountain biking.

Being from Bend, and his families strong work ethic, helped shaped Carson into the world class athlete he is today. Early success in local armature contests like UpSide and UnderGround, he soon was riding with some of the best freeride mountain bikers in the world. After graduation, his world opened up to the global- contest tour and his high rankings fully committed him to his professional career.

In 2013, he landed on the cover of Bike magazine, a feat that vaulted him into biking stardom. By 2015, all ofCarson’s hard work paid off earning him a coveted wild card spot to Red Bull Rampage. In 2016 he qualified for finals at Red Bull Rampage and scored top 10 results at major contests like GoPro Mountain Games, Swatch Prime Line, Red Bull Joyride, and Red Bull District Ride. Pushing hard through 2016 he won best trick at Red Bull Rampage and his first Rampage Podium.

At the end of his 2016 season, with all the right partnerships surrounding him his supporters lined up to launching major film projects, his own stop on the Fest Series Tour, Black Sage and high rankings to continue his invites to the highest level contest. His accomplishments have always come through an easy to work with attitude, deep work ethic from his families entrepreneurial back ground which can best be illustrated in his lengthy list of film projects.


Pub Beer



  • 7th - Red Bull Rampage


  • 3rd - Red Bull Rampage
  • Best Trick - Red Bull Rampage


  • 1st - Colorado Freeride Festival
  • 3rd - Glemmride Slopestyle
  • 15th - Crankworx L2A
  • 17th - Crankworx Rotorua
  • 19th - Swatch Prime Ride


  • 15th - Red Bull Rampage
  • 9th - Red Bull District Ride
  • 8th - Red Bull Joyride
  • 5th - Swatch Prime Ride
  • 15th - World Ranking Overall
  • 6th - FMB Factory Team Standings



Carson Storch


Carson_action shot for website

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