Enjoy making your Pubs' favorite dishes


Steak & Blue Cheese Nachos

Grab a Joe IPA, your hungriest friends, and enjoy this delicious pub classic. Our Pub Nachos have been a staple in the 10 Barrel family since our first pub opened. You don’t need to visit to know how addicting these are; you can come to that realization at home. Good luck only making this recipe once!


Jaca Pizza

The Jaca (hack-a) is named after one of the original 10 Barrel crew members and literal first employee. He’s been doing it all for the last 10 years, just like this pie. It’s savory, cheesy, and a little sweet. Make it for a pizza party or Netflix and chill; just remember a cold can or bottle of our flagship IPA, Apocalypse


Pub House Burger

We don’t mess with greatness! That’s why our Pub House Burger recipe has been a favorite since we started. You can still grab one of these A1 juice bombs at all of our pub locations and now from the comfort of your home. We highly advise whipping this up on a sunny day in the backyard with a can of our Out of Office Hoppy Pilsner!