Central Oregon Veterans Ranch

Oct 6, 2022

A working Ranch that restores purpose and spirit to veterans of all ages and eras.

For the past five years COVR has operated a 19-acre working farm and engaged hundreds of veterans of different ages and eras in peer support and agriculture-related activities, or “agri-therapy”. COVR has built community and camaraderie among veterans in Central Oregon and around the state. The Ranch helps veterans find a sense of belonging and purpose through meaningful interactions, team projects, education, growing plants and caring for animals. During the past five years we have offered veterans and community members workshops on Post-Traumatic Stress, Suicide Prevention, and Non-Violent Communication. The Ranch has become a hub for veterans to meet and connect; a safe space to build relationships with peers as well as civilian community members. Several veterans have stated that the Ranch “saved their lives,” and many return during time of personal crisis because of the trust and sense of community the Ranch provides.