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Brewed For Adventure

Northwest Pale Ale

Trail Beer


Year Round

Comes In
6 Pack
1/6 BBL
1/2 BBL
Flavor Profile

Refreshingly bright body with nuances of fresh citrus and pine.

Brewed with galaxy, chinook, comet hops.







Jacob Moon

Jacob Moon is a self taught freelance photographer from Bellingham, WA. Since a young age he has always had an insatiable curiosity for the natural world. This curiosity has driven him to develop many skills (rock & ice climbing, backpacking, camping in nearly all imaginable conditions, packrafting, backcountry skiing ect….) that have helped him reach and experience wild remote places around the world. Another deep passion that Jacob has is to share his experiences in the natural world with others.

Charlie McLaughlin

Charlie McLaughlin is a Montana native and an engineer that loves to get outdoors and take pictures of the adventures life brings. He fully enjoys all four seasons of the year, but especially winter. The snowy wilderness is his playground and makes for amazing photography. Whether it is backcountry snowboarding or snow camping, he loves to finish off a long day in the woods with delicious craft brew!

Mark McInnis

Mark McInnis is a photographer working chiefly in America’s Pacific Northwest. He’s known for bringing the natural beauty of the country’s upper left-hand corner to a wide range of clients and projects; with decades invested in the region Mark delivers the moods, emotions and landscapes of the Pacific frontier in a way few others can. His work shows the character of a still-unspoiled American territory, out of respect for which his subjects are unlabeled, tracks are covered and he mostly travels alone.


of the profits of Trail beer go to


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