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Rock Hop






Year Round

Flavor Profile

• Bold hoppiness similar to West Coast IPAs

• Azacca, Cashmere, El Dorado, and Idaho 7 hops

• Notes of pine and orange zest with low bitterness

Comes In
12_HalfBarrel 1/2 BBL 15.5 Gal
11_SixthBarrel 1/6 BBL 5.16 Gal
01_6pk_12ozCans 6 Pack 12oz Cans
What's It Look Like?
Rock Hop Cold IPA 6pack


For nearly a century, Danner has crafted boots with purpose and integrity – footwear to equip those who choose the unlikely path, those who cut fresh trails, those who pioneer. Charles Danner came west to build the best boots loggers had ever known, an effort that resulted in a long-standing heritage brand with a renegade spirit. A spirit that proudly lives on in each pair of Danner boots made to this day. Both Danner and 10 Barrel are Oregon-based companies that take great pride in their craft – whether brewing or bootmaking. Lace up your boots, stash a few cans and get hiking.

To learn more about Danner and grab a pair for yourself, click below.

Go There

A portion of every purchase of Rock Hop Cold IPA goes to Trailkeepers of Oregon. TKO is committed to restoring proper funding and renewing public agency interest in trails for all the proven benefits they provide for the public. Learn more about Trailkeepers of Oregon by clicking below.




Rock Hop

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